Absentee Policy

Students with five (5) unexcused absences will be referred to the school's Attendance Committee for the development of an intervention plan.  Ten (10) unexcused absences will be referred to the Child and Family Services Agency for suspected educational neglect.  Fifteen (15) absences will result in a Court referral.  Valid absences include: illness of the student, death in the student's immediate family, exclusion, based on quarantine or expulsion, necessity of the student to attend legal proceedings, observance of religious holidays, temporary closing of the school.  Family vacation and travel are not excused absences.  For the absence to be recognized as excused, please send a note to the school explaining the reasons for the absence or use the click the button below to access the absence form.

Absence Permission Form
Formulario de Permiso de Ausencia

Thank you / Gracias / 谢谢

Reason for Absence
Motivo de la ausencia

District of Columbia Public Schools acceptable excused reasons are as follows: 

Justificaciones aceptables por las Escuelas Públicas del Distrito de Columbia:


  • Death of a an immediate family member / Fallecimento de un familia inmediato / 家庭成

  • Legal proceedings / Procedimientos legales / 法律诉讼

  • Illness / Enfermedad / 生病

  • Religious holiday (please identify Holiday) / Dias festivos religiosos (por favor indique) / 宗教节日

  • Medical appointments / Citas médicas / 看病

Doctors' Notes
Notas de Doctores

Got a doctor's note? After completing the form, above, send a scanned doctor's note here: thomsondcps@gmail.com. A doctor's note is required after a student's fifth absence. 

¿Tienes una nota de médico? Después de completar el formulario, arriba, envíe una nota de un médico escaneado aquí: thomsondcps@gmail.comSe requiere una nota del médico después de la quinta ausencia de un estudiante.

有医生的笔记? 完成上述表格后,请发送扫描的医生笔记:thomsondcps@gmail.com学生第五次缺席后需要医生的照会。