to the 2016/2017 school year!

As another year of "growing inquiring minds" has ended, we prepare to LEAP ahead into the next. With a heart full of anticipation, I await the arrival of over 300 students in just a few short weeks. I anticipate their energy, their excitement, their eagerness to rejoin their friends, and take on new learning and new challenges. I, too, am reminded of the urgency upon us to build a school and classrooms that are welcoming and supportive so that growth through inquiry thrives. The 20th Century Irish Poet W.B. Yents said "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." As we teach math, science, reading, writing and more, we seek to build students who are REFLECTIVE, THINKERS, PROBLEM SOLVERS, RISK TAKERS. We look forward to watching their lights shine bright this year!​

Thomson Elementary School is a rigorous multi-cultural environment where students grow into global citizens possessing a sense of inquiry, values, and a desire for high academic achievement​



  Thomson is a safe and welcoming learning community where:  

  • students are motivated to take charge of their own learning and invested in their own success 

  • staff and community members are leaders who work together to encourage and inspire all students and one another towards their highest potential 

  • teaching and learning are exciting, relevant, & challenging